In 2014 the first Isolation Jam was hosted at Kollafoss, before there was anything such as Kollafoss Game Farm. At that point in time Kollafoss was simply an abandoned old farm owned by my family, and mostly unused.

In 2015 we held the second Isolation Jam, installed a 3G antenna, and right after the game jam we (Jóhannes & Adda) officially moved in. Not only that, but shortly after the game jam we received funding from SSNV to start Kollafoss Game Farm as a game developer residency. In November 2015 Josh Raab of Studio Wumpus stayed with us for a whole month while working on the digital board game Sumer (which is now on its way to the Nintendo Switch)

In January 2016 we hosted the first ever Global Game Jam in Iceland (as far as we know), and June obviously included the third installation of Isolation Jam.

In 2017 we managed to get optic fiber Internet on the farm. Matt Marshall of Wayward visited us in April 2017 for two weeks to work on his game The Veil (and give the new Internet connection a spin). The fourth Isolation Jam was hosted in June like expected.

And now it’s time for the year 2018. We will obviously host the classic Isolation Jam which will be announced in the next days, but the biggest news is that 2018 is also the year of some changes around Kollafoss Game Farm. The game developer residency program will be closing down  and more focus will be put on actual game development with our first game (to be announced soon) set for release in mid/late 2018. Most of the information on the website has been updated to accompany that but there might be still some outdated information sneaking around that we missed, but that should slowly get fixed in the coming weeks as the website gets adapted to its new purpose.

Thank you to everyone that joined us for this amazing ride in the past few years, and helped making this possible. We are already looking forward to what the future will bring forth here on the farm.

Even though the residency is officially closed we still welcome game developers to drop by for a visit. If you are driving by or in the “neighborhood”, please do drop us a line and we’ll start brewing the coffee.