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5th to 9th of June 2019

Prepare yourself for the sixth Isolation Jam: Laxahvammur edition! What is Laxahvammur you might ask? A new and amazing venue for our game jamming and isolation needs!

Applications will be open until 25th of March 2019. After that applicants will be selected and contacted during the week of 25th to 29th of March.

What is the Isolation Jam?

Imagine a game jam, in the middle of nowhere, north west Iceland. Enjoy and experience the isolation and silence of the Icelandic countryside and get inspired while making games.


Game developers from all over the world have traveled all the way up here to make games and pet lambs. This time around though, we are trying something new. Instead of the farm we will hosting the jam at the fishing lodge Laxahvammur in an adjacent valley, 5 minute drive from Kollafoss Game Farm.

…and yes, you will be able to pet lambs. We will make sure of that.

You might ask, why the change in plans? Why not host the game jam on the good old farm. There are two reasons for that. The first one is that the farm was starting to get a bit too small for an event of this size. And second of all, We just welcomed a new member into the family in 2018, and therefor we now use the spare bedrooms for diapers and baby stuff. ;)


Laxahvammur lodge, in Miðfjörður, municipality ofHúnaþing Vestra. 5 minute drive from Kollafoss Game Farm, 25 minute drive from Hvammstangi. 3 hour drive from Reykjavík.

The Miðfjarðará river is one of the best angling rivers in Iceland which is why we have this amazing venue right by the river bed, and it just so happens that the angling season will not have started when Isolation Jam is, allowing us to have this whole venue all for ourselves and our games.

Want to see the venue on a map? Here you go!

Anything else?

Participants will be invited to a Facebook group where more information will be posted and people can plan how to get to the area. If you need any information, feel free to contact us. (contact information below)

A lot of the practical information over at the Kollafoss website applies to the Isolation Jam as well.

For more information, keep an eye out on our Mastodon, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


Kollafoss Game Farm is to blame for this and your hosts will be Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson and Arnfríður Hanna Hreinsdóttir.

For more information, contact Jóhannes at, tweet at him, or even toot at him.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at


Price: 16 000 ISK

Note that the price includes meals and refreshments for the duration of the jam, a place to sleep, et cetera.

We accept payments through bank transfer. But there is also the option of payments through Paypal. If a bank transfer is not possible for you please contact us for information on paying through Paypal.Warm meals, refreshments, and snacks for the duration of the game jam.

Payment Deadline

Payment is seen as a confirmation for your attendance. If a payment has not been received before 12th of April 2019, the next person in the line will get your spot.

Refund Policy

  • Cancellations received 45 days in advance of start date of game jam will receive a 75% refund.  
  • Cancellations received 30 days in advance of start date of game jam will receive a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations less than 30 days in advance of start date of game jam will not receive a refund.