Special thanks to everyone that showed up to the third installment of the Isolation Game Jam. It was a blast! The jam ended on the 12th of June and since then we have been taking a well needed break after the month long lambing season and the game jam that followed right after.

There was no specific theme word, just like last year. But rather the theme was simply the atmosphere, surroundings, and the isolation all around us. The results were quite diverse and fascinating, as we saw games revolving around tractor eggs, sheep herding in VR, relatively abstract farm management, VR running and spider leg locomotive system and more.

You can check out many of the games made during the Isolation Game Jam here at Kollafoss over at the following page. https://itch.io/jam/isolation-game-jam-2016 . For the next few days you can expect a short feature about many of those games online.