Our names are Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson and Arnfríður Hanna Hreinsdóttir, and we recently settled on the farm Kollafoss in a secluded valley in north west Iceland. The farm is way too big for us and we would like to invite you game developers and other artists to join us and experience the nature and serenity while working on your projects during your stay.

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Imagine sitting outside, with barely any sign of human civilisation around you. All you can hear is the sound of the river, birds singing and the occasional sheep. The only thing you can see is the barren highlands ahead and the small pack of game developers around you who got the same crazy idea as you: to travel to an old farm far inside a dead end valley in North West Iceland to make games and interactive art.

It’s a rare opportunity to be among gorgeous empty vistas barely touched by our far-reaching cultures. If you’re quick, you could go there to have everything north-west Iceland has to offer flow through your system, all in order to output it as a succinct interactive experience. Chris Priestman of Kill Screen Daily on Isolation Game Jam

Interested in the pricing and other practical information? Want to know more? Or have you perhaps heard enough and want to apply for residence right away? Anything else? Feel free to contact us!

Go live your best life and make wonderful things in a beautiful, remote place with other people who love games. Remember, the lambs are waiting for you, and try as they might they cannot pet themselves.Laura Hudson of Boing Boing on Isolation Game Jam

The majestic Icelandic landscapes, the peace and quiet of the isolated location, combined with a warm, hospitable atmosphere and a creative spirit! These are just a few of the things that made me attend isolation game jam not once but twice. – Minnamari Helmisaari, Isolation Game Jam 2014 & 2015 attendant

I will never forget the lambs walking by our window, curiously peeking at these strange people sitting inside, making games, or simply having a good time with old and new friends. – Minnamari Helmisaari, Isolation Game Jam 2014 & 2015 attendant

I’ve never worked so focused in my life, time passes differently there. And whenever I look up, there is a sheep. – Milan Grajetzki, Isolation Game Jam 2015 attendant

This adventure was made possible by the funding from SSNV, Sóknaráætlun Norðurlands Vestra and for that we are forever grateful.

Sóknaráætlun Norðurlands Vestra