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Isolation Game Jam 2016: Tractor Egg

The second game to be featured from the Isolation Game Jam 2016 is the aptly named Tractor Egg by Jonatan Van Hove, Pavel Savchuk and yours truly, Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson. This post comes just in time for the second harvesting season which is about to start here in the region.

A 4 player local multiplayer harvesting mayhem where farmers are forced to share a field and steal hay bales from each other. Just like in real life.


One could say that Tractor Egg, of all the games made at the Isolation Game Jam, had the most focus put into research. Game developers had the opportunity to try out and feel how it is to use a tractor to pick up hay bales, or like we called it during the game jam, tractor eggs. No game developers were harmed during that experiment.

Do you want to refresh your harvesting skills? Or have you perhaps never operated heavy machinery during harvesting season? Well, now is your chance. It’s time to harvest more tractor eggs than your neighboring farmers. Get the game at itch.io

Isolation Game Jam 2016: Sky Farm

This year, we had a game jam attendant come all the way from South Africa. Robbie Fraser has been traveling around Europe, meeting game developers, and writing about it for the past months (Check out his blog!) and he decided to join in on the fun here at Kollafoss.
During the jam a lot of ideas were born and concepts were tested out. But it felt like Robbie had a clear idea right from the start the core game mechanics he was aiming for. The result of that was the beautiful and serene management game Sky farm.

Sky farm is an extremely soothing and atmospheric (thanks to artwork by Pavel) management game which doesn‘t really have any end goal or progression. It‘s all about just optimizing your farm and seeing your score slowly rise (or fall) depending on your choices.

This is a game that has been kept running on a secondary screen for hours here on the farm.

For more games from the Isolation Jam, go check out our itch.io page.